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Relationship Counselling Using the Solving Circle

The ‘Solving Circle’ is a structured counselling process that assists clients to take responsibility for their own behaviours to work towards a happier, more fulfilling relationship. In the ‘Solving Circle’ process the Counsellor takes an active role by asking specific questions of each person which leads towards individual action plans. 1 day program

Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy is a counselling process that assists client to take more effective control of their lives. Therapists using Reality Therapy techniques educate clients to understand the purpose of their behaviours to meet basic genetic needs as well as implementing cognitive behavioural strategies to rehearse with the client the skills required to make meaningful and …

The Elegance of the Interview

The art of interviewing incorporates techniques that enable the interviewer to develop skills to work effectively and efficiently in a variety of situations with varying types of clients. This workshop builds skills in communicating for success with resistant clients. Participants will enhance their ability to move the client from negative involvement with personal externally controlled …

Life Space Crisis Intervention

Life Space Crisis Intervention is an advanced interactive therapeutic strategy for turning crisis situations into learning opportunities for individuals with chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviour. This course will enable particpants to understand the techniques and strategies to prevent escalation of incidents. Learn to identify different patterns of behaviour. Learn skills to help individuals whose unresolved …