How to Be a Better Manager

Being an effective manager is one of the hardest jobs in the world. There is no instruction manual that provides answers to all the problems that managers face daily. Without a clear understanding of how and why people behave, managers can develop levels of frustration that may lead them to feel powerless.


The focus of this program is on managers learning about practical strategies for positive managing. Topics to be covered in this course include the understanding of how and why people behave; linking of behaviour to the understanding and identification of the five basic genetic needs; specific strategies to build behaviours to achieve a sense of balance in different work situations and discussions of different managing styles.


The workshop aims to further develop participant’s skills in positive managing techniques and highlights the importance of modelling respectful and co-operative behaviours of staff. The one day program allows time to practise some of the skills introduced in the workshop and provides opportunities for participants to discuss their ideas with other managers.


Evening, half day or one day courses