Implementing Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management in Schools

Basic Intensive Program, Advanced Intensive Program

These programs link theory to practice. They focus on the core business of schools; quality teaching, quality learning and quality behaviour. Many primary and secondary schools have found that incorporating the ideas of CT/RT/LM has resulted in increased academic outcomes for students, decreased stress for students and teachers and an increased knowledge of members of the school community in dealing more effectively with conflict. These programs assist schools to align practices and procedures within a theoretical knowledge base. Choice Theory offers an explanation of how and why people behave. Understanding the purpose of behaviour enables participants to develop insights into helping people gain more effective control of their lives. Reality Therapy is a communication model committed to empowering people to make successful and effective choices based on evaluation, responsibility and planning. Lead Management focuses on the principles of effective change either at the whole school level or within the classroom. Central to the development of a quality organisation is the concept that participants are involved as a learning community in striving for more effective outcomes.

4 day registered course leading to practitioner accreditation. Many universities accredit these courses for inclusion in undergraduate and graduate qualifications.